StyleCode Property: sliceHierarchy


Specifies what the field shows and what .

Any “none” is handled before others kinds. Other than that, the order follow the entry ordering.

“filter”, “ask” & “clear” restrict their ranges of values depending on the others previously handled fields.

“ask” & “clear” allow the field to be in an unselected mode, whenever the previously handled fields make the current choice invalid. The difference between the two is that “ask” will reselect itself whenever thereis a single choice available, while “clear” will require to select that one value"filter" is reselected automatically.

Applies to Type Default
slicepicker > entry none, filter, ask, clear filter


// Example: slicepicker > entry
table Items = with
  [| as Id |]
  [| "A" |]
  [| "B" |]
  [| "C" |]

Items.Slice = sliceDashboard(Items.Id) by Items.Id

show slicepicker "Pick a slice" a1b3 with
  same(Items.Id) { sliceHierarchy: ask }

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