markdown, datatype

The markdown datatype is intended to for Markdown text pieces. Literals can be introduced with the triple-quote syntax.

m = """Hello **World**"""
show markdown "" a1b2 with m

The markdown datatype is restricted to the Scalar table. Unlike the text datatype, the markdown datatype does not have a limit at 256 characters.

markdown, tile type

The markdown tile is intended to markdown values.

show markdown "" a6h6 with """
# Part A
## Subpart A.1
A list of **important** remarks.

* remark 1
* remark 2
* remark 3

## Subpart A.2
# Part B

Less important remarks.

We recommend leaving the title empty, as the tile title is usually redundant with the title defined within the Markdown section itself, as illustrated by:

show markdown "" with """ ... """

The markdown tile offers a printable version. In order to access this feature, expand the markdown tile with single click on the tile itself, and then click the button Display plain tile in the top right corner.

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