whichever(T.A : ‘a) : ‘b 🡒 ‘a, aggregator

The aggregator returns one value for each group if the group is not empty.


table T = with
  [| as A, as B |]
  [| "hello", "a" |]
  [| "hello", "a" |]
  [| "hello", "b" |]
  [| "world", "b" |]
  [| "world", "c" |]

table G[gdim] = by T.B

where T.B != "c"
  show table "" a1b4 with
    group by gdim

When the group is empty, the default value for the data type is used.

The result of the whichever aggregator is deterministic - i.e. running the script twice over the same data yields the same result - but the ordering of the data cannot be relied upon. This aggregator is intended as a faster alternative to the use of first or last without introducing an ordering when it is not needed.

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