StyleCode Property: barchartGroups


Specifies whether the barchart axis bearing the groups should be drawn to the left or to the bottom.

Applies to Type Default
barchart left, bottom left


// Example: barchart
table Items = with
  [| as SKU, as Category, as Quantity |]
  [| "AAA", "CAT_1", 10 |]
  [| "BBB", "CAT_2", 20 |]
  [| "CCC", "CAT_1", 30 |]

{ barchartGroups: bottom }
show barchart "My BarChart" a1b6 with
  group by Items.Category


When on the left, each bar has a fixed height, bars that do not fit the tile are hidden (when in full dashboard) or can be scrolled down to (in zoom).

When on the bottom, the “show plot” aspect is used instead, with the width of each bar being adjusted based on the total number of bars. There is still a limit on the total number of bars included in the tile, which cannot be controlled by StyleCode.

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