StyleCode - Layout Pipeline

This pipeline computes the final position of each tile on the dashboard. Each tile is placed according to its tilePlacement:

  1. All tiles with tilePlacement: fixed are placed on the grid at the position specified by tileX, tileY, tileW and tileH. If this would cause an overlap between two tiles, the tile that appears second in the source code is treated as tilePlacement: bottom instead.
  2. The dashboard width is defined as the smallest width that can accommodate all tiles placed so far. If no tiles were placed so far, a dashboard width of 6 is assumed.
  3. Starting on the row below the bottom-most tile, all tiles with tilePlacement: bottom are placed in the dashboard, filling each row left-to-right (up to the dashboard width) in the order in which they appear in the script, with dimensions 1×1.
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