(+) add operator

(+ number) 🡒 number, const autodiff

The unary no-op number operator, intended as the counterpart of the unary minus operator.

x = 3
show scalar "" with +x

(number + number) 🡒 number, const autodiff

The regular addition of numbers.

x = 3 + 4
show scalar "" with x

(date + number) 🡒 date, const

Adds an integral number of days to a date.

x = date(2020,8,25) + 12
show scalar "" with x

(number + date) 🡒 date, const

The sum (n + d) where n is a number and d is a date is defined by (d + n).

x = 12 + date(2020,8,25)
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(ranvar + ranvar) 🡒 ranvar

The addition of ranvars, random variables over $\mathbb{Z}$ assumed to be independent.

x = poisson(3) + poisson(4)
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Under the hood, a convolution happens. The mean of the resulting ranvar is equal to the sum of the means of the two ranvar operands.

(zedfunc + zedfunc) 🡒 zedfunc

The addition of zedfuncs, real functions over $\mathbb{Z}$.

x = linear(2) + linear(-1)
show scalar "" with x

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