StyleCode Property: selectAllLabel


Enable and sets the label for the special All selector.

Once it is enabled, any slicer with 2 or more choices will allow the user to temporarilly skip the current slicer choice to have access to the next slicer. Once a non-All choice is made in a downstream slicer, the All slicer gets resolve to the corresponding choice.

Applies to Type Default
slicetree > entry Text ""


// Example: slicetree > entry
table Items = with
  [| as Id |]
  [| "A" |]
  [| "B" |]
  [| "C" |]

Items.Slice = sliceDashboard(Items.Id) by Items.Id

show slicetree "Pick a slice" a1b3 with
  same(Items.Id) { selectAllLabel: All }

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