Scalar, built-in table

The Scalar table is a built-in table that has exactly 1 line. It cannot be filtered. A variable that does not have an explicit table prefix belongs to the Scalar table.

autodiff Scalar epochs: 500 learningRate: 0.1 with
  params a auto
  s = a * a
  return s

show scalar "" with a // 'a' belongs to the 'Scalar' table

The need to explicitely refer to the Scalar table is an edge-case in the Envision syntax.

scalar, tile type

The scalar tile is created with show scalar:

show scalar "options" {tileColor: "red" ; unit: "$" } with 123

Besides numbers, dates, text and booleans, a scalar tile can also be used to display ranvar and zedfunc. For displaying ranvar and zedfunc, the tile will result in a histogram or a plot.

show scalar "Poisson Law" {tileColor: "red"} with poisson(3)
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