Third party apps

Native data integrations for many popular apps. Import for your historical business data in a few clicks.

AppDescriptionSupported functionalities
ImageCloud-based business management application, incorporates inventory, accounting, CRM, POS and ecommerce. Developed and run in Bristol, UK, with offices in San Francisco.Catalog, Stock, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
ImageMulti-channel eCommerce software, helps your business work smarter, not harder. From channel integration to courier automation, the software offers powerful tools for ecommerce businesses.Catalog, Stock, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
ImageWeb-based system designed for small to medium businesses to manage their stock levels and inventory. Handle stock movements from purchasing through to sales.Catalog, Stock, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
ImageUser-friendly, web-based inventory & warehouse management system for eCommerce retailers. Prevent out of stocks, improve warehouse efficiency, and reduce human error.Catalog, Stock, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
ImageExtensive cloud business software suite encompassing ERP, financials, CRM and ecommerce.Catalog, Stock, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
ImageOpen source web tracking analytics, now known as Matomo, keeps you in control of one of your most important assets: visitors actions on your websites.Web tracking
ImageWeb-based system allowing to manage inventory, purchase, manufacturing, accounting and sales through different sales channels (Dear POS, eCommerce, B2B).Catalog, Stock, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
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