tabs, tile type

The tabs tile defines two or more tabs on the dashboard, so that every other tile can be associated with one of the tabs (or remain independent of the tabs). The tile is displayed as a tab selector to show which tab is currently being displayed, and to allow selecting another:


The above image is produced by:

show tabs "" a1b1 with

This creates two tabs named "Demand" and "Leadtime".

To associate a tile with a tab, use the tileTab StyleCode property, using the name of the tab as the value:

// Only appears on the "Demand" tab
show label "Product Demand" a2b2 { tileTab: "Demand" }

// Only appears on the "Leadtime" tab
show label "Purchase Lead Time" a2b2 { tileTab: "Leadtime" }

Note that it is possible for two tiles to share the same position (here, a2b2) so long as they are on different tabs.

If tileTab: default is specified (or there is no tileTab), the tile appears on all tabs.

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