Slices, built-in table

This built-in table is created by slicing the dashboard. When a dashboard is sliced:


table T[t] = with 
  [| as Product, as Color |]
  [| "Pants",    "Blue"   |]
  [| "Cap",      "Red"    |]
  [| "T-shirt",  "White"  |]

table Slices[slice] = slice by t title: T.Product

{ tileColor: #(same(T.Color) into Slices) }
show table "Contents of slice" a1b3 slices: slice with

The name of the slices table is always Slices and its primary dimension is always named slice. This table can be created at most once in a script.

The syntax for creation is:

table Slices[slice] = slice by [tuple] title: Expr subtitle: Expr

All vectors are expected to be in the same table (which will automatically receive slice as a secondary dimension).

Both the title and all the subtitles can be searched through by the slices drop-down component, so having multiple subtitles makes it easier to search for slices.

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