StyleCode Property: columnWidth


Specifies a multiplicative factor for the width of a column in a table. Applies both to editable and non-editable tables.

Applies toTypeDefault
table > columnnumber"1"


// Example: table > column
show table "My Table" a1c4 tomato with
  Orders.Date { columnWidth: "1" }


Weights must be ≥ 0. Each column occupy a fraction of the total width of the table equal to the ratio of its weight to the sum of all weights. By default, all weights are 1 and so the columns have equal widths.

For tables that are not zoomed in, a tile with width W displays a total of 2*W - 1 units of width, rounded up (so with W=2 the tile would display three width units: three columns with columnWidth=1, six columns with columnWidth=0.5 or two columns with columnWidth=2).