StyleCode Property: as


Specifies the name of a data vector (table columns, chart series, summary entries).

Applies toTypeDefault
barchart > series
histogram > series
linechart > series
plot > series
plot > haxis
scatter > series
scatter > haxis
summary > entry
table > column


Although this can be specified with StyleCode syntax, the Envision script always provides values automatically, using, in decreasing order of priority:

show table "Example" with 

  // 1. The name introduced by an as keyword 
  Orders.Quantity as "Qty" // as: "Qty"

  // 2. For a variable, the name without the table
  Orders.Quantity // as: "Quantity"

  // 3. The text of the expression 
  sum(Orders.Quantity) // as: "sum(Orders.Quantity)"