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A color can be specified using one of the following patterns:


A date format is text containing special sequences representing aspects of a date. Non-letter characters, such as , or white space, are printed out as-is. Letters are reserved, and should be escaped using backslash (\d prints an actual d).

The supported special sequences are given below for Monday January 1st, 2001:

d1The day of the month.
dd01The day of the month, always two digits.
dddMonThe day of the week, short three-letter name.
ddddMondayThe day of the week, full name.
M1The month of the year.
MM01The month of the year, always two digits.
MMMJanThe month of the year, short three-letter name.
MMMMJanuaryThe month of the year, full name.
y1The year within the century (but why would you use that ?)
yy01The two-digit year within the century, to plan for the year 2100 bug.
yyyy2001The four-digit year number.
w1The ISO week number.
ww01The ISO week number, always two digits.
vv01The ISO week year number (usually yy, sometimes yy plus or minus one).
vvvv2001The ISO week year number (usually yyyy, sometimes yyyy plus or minus one).

For example, the format yyyy-MM-dd gives 2001-01-01, the format ddd MMM d, yyyy gives Mon Jan 1, 2001.

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