sliceDashboard(T.Label: text) by T.‘a 🡒 ordinal, special

This functions activates a special display behavior for the dashboard referred to as slicing. When a dashboard is sliced, only a single slice is visible, plus all the non-sliced elements. This function can appear at most once in a script.

table T[t] = with 
  [| "Pant" as Product, "Blue" as Color |]
  [| "Cap",             "Red"           |]
  [| "T-shirt",         "White"         |]

T.slice = sliceDashboard(T.Product) by t

show table "One slice at a time" a1b3 slices: slice with

The sliceDashboard function does several things:

Slicing happens at the row level for tile inputs. This behavior is controlled via the slices: tile option.