List of functions

The primary purpose of functions is to extend the capabilities of Envision whenever the basic language syntax would not be sufficient. Below, we list the functions supported by Envision.

Mathematics: abs arground ceiling exp floor log loggamma loglikelihood.normal loglikelihood.negativebinomial loglikelihood.poisson max min percent pow random.binomial random.negativebinomial random.normal random.poisson random.uniform ratio round sqrt tanh

Text: concat contains endsWith field field.r indexOf lowercase padLeft parseDate parseNumber parseTime printTime replace sliceSearchUrl startsWith strlen substr text tryParseDate tryParseNumber tryParseTime tryParseWeek uppercase

Calendar: chineseYear chineseYearEnd chineseYearStart date daynum isoYear monday month monthEnd monthNum monthStart today week weekNum year yearEnd yearStart

Ranking: argFirst argLast assoc.quantity cumsub cumsub.fallback cumsum fifo priopack rank rankd smudge

Graph: canonical connected nonCanonical

Ranvar: actionrwd.demand actionrwd.segment cdf crps dirac exponential fillrate forest.regress int loglogistic mean mixture negativeBinomial normal poisson quantile random.ranvar ranvar ranvar.periodicr ranvar.segment ranvar.uniform smooth spark support.min support.max transform truncate variance

Zedfunc: actionrwd.reward constant dirac.z int linear pricebrk.f pricebrk.m stockrwd.c stockrwd.m stockrwd.s uniform uniform.left uniform.right valueAt zoz

Table: extend.billOfMaterials extend.pairs extend.pairset extend.range extend.ranvar extend.split

Special: forex forex.last hash isCurrency mkuid solve.moq