extend.distinct(), table function

The function extend.distinct takes up to 8 tables as arguments - to be passed to T1, T2, etc. with each table associated to a varying number of text vectors. All those text values are gathered and deduplicated in order to return a single table that consolidates all those values.


table T = with
  [| as A, as B |]
  [| "a", "b" |]
  [| "c", "d" |]

table U = with
  [| as C |]
  [| "e" |]

table V = with
  [| "f" as D, "g" as E, "h" as F |]

table W = extend.distinct(
    T1: T.A, T.B
    T2: U.C
    T3: V.D, V.E, V.F)

show table "union" a1a10 with