User roles and permissions

For larger organizations, Lokad provides the possibility to grant different roles to the various users who have access to a Lokad account. Below you will find the different roles offered by Lokad as well as the different rights and permissions associated with them. Lokad accounts don’t have a limit on the number of users a company can have and the same role can be assigned to multiple users.


Full access rights. The first user who registered the Lokad account becomes the owner of the account. The owner is the only role that allows to grant access rights to other users and even invite new users.

For accounts that are actively managed by the Lokad team, typically through a support plan, it is possible to not have any owner associated with the account, and thus entirely delegate the management of the account to the Lokad team.


Near-full access rights. The only limitation of the editor is not being able to grant access rights, and not being able to invite new users.

The editor role is appropriate for data analysts who actively compose and adjust Envision scripts and therefore require very significant access in order to modify the content of the account.

Trusted user

A practical “read-only” access. The trusted user can see all the Envision dashboards and can also execute them if necessary. The trusted user can download any file located within the account too. However, no Envision scripts nor any applicative settings (such as data retrieval from a 3rd party app) can be modified by the trusted user.

The trusted user role is appropriate for those users - typically management - who may have an interest in viewing all of the dashboards associated with an account, but who do not need to modify the configuration of the account itself.

Limited user

A narrow “read-only” access allows to see only those Envision dashboards that exist within a specified project folder. The limited user can also run the projects associated with a specified project folder, possibly entering new form values if the dashboards contain forms.

The limited user access is appropriate for employees who only require access to specific sections of the Lokad account. Since the access is restricted to a single project folder, projects should be organized according to the intended groups of limited users.


A narrow data access which only offers the possibility to write and read files from a specified folder. Projects cannot be accessed, modified or executed.

The uploader is intended for robots in charge of uploading / downloading data to / from Lokad. The credentials can be given to a 3rd party of limited trust that is only in charge of transferring its own data to Lokad, without gaining access to the other data that may exist in the account.