date, contextual keyword

The word date is a contextual keyword of the Envision language. It refers to the primitive data type date, which represents an integral date from January 1st, 2001.

The primary usage of the keyword date is within read statements, but it can also be used within an expect statement.


dd = date(2020, 8, 28)
expect dd : date
show table "" export: "/sample/onedate.ion" with dd

followed by

read "/sample/onedate.ion" as T with
  dd : date

show scalar "" a1b2 with same(T.dd)

date(year: number, month: number, dayOfMonth: number) 🡒 date, pure function

Returns the date associated to the specified year, month and dayOfMonth according to the Gregorian calendar.


show summary "" a1a3 with
  date(2001, 1, 1)
  date(2020, 11, 25)
  date(2040, 6, 13)

The following restrictions apply, or the function fails: