List of operators

The operators are algebraic primitives powering Envision. Below, we list the operators supported by Envision.

Generic operators

The following operators are supported by all types:

Ordering of values is the same for all Envision constructs (such as order by, rank or median):

Numeric operators

The following numeric operators are supported:

Some numeric operators can be used for dates:

Logical operators

The following logical operators are supported:

Distribution operators

Distributions benefit from specific operators (see also algebra of ranvars):

Random variable operators

When distributions happen to be random variables (mass is equal to 1, no negative values), they benefit from specific operators:

Operator precedence

The operators below are listed in increasing order of precedence. For instance, since & is before |, then A | B & C is interpreted as A | (B & C). Operators with the same precedence are grouped left-to-right: A * B / C is (A * B) / C.